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Who am I?

I am Terezie.

Interpersonal relationships have been a fascinating subject for me since my early childhood. I am sensitive. ​Over the years, I have engaged in inner work which paved my way to authentic connection to myself and others.

  • I have overcome unhealthy conditioning from childhood and changed my attachment style (from anxious to secure).
  • I have learned how to be vulnerable and make deep connections with others and how to communicate about my needs.
  • I have started approaching people with a good faith principle.
  • I have created a healthy and diverse social safety net.
  • I have changed the level of my anxiety and learned how to work with it (through many interventions from mindfulness to CBT)
  • I keep my identity small

I like to challenge myself by taking steps into the unknown. To teach myself public speaking, I went to open mics and did a stand up. I regularly go on intensive meditation retreats. I tried polyamory and it was the most intensive learning experience. And yes, I am one of these crazy people who take cold baths (I can explain!)

I am passionate about helping people from a place of love and changing the world for the better. I consider myself a rationalist and part of the Effective Altruism movement.

Outside of coaching I am currently working on a mental health project for Effective Altruists funded by EA Infrastructure Fund.

I have focused on movement-building in Czechia as a grantee on Community Building Grant from Center for Effective Altruism. In the Czech EA Association, I incubated and coordinated some smaller projects as a project manager.

I have experience leading a team of 11 people, which I gained as the head of communication in an influential Czech NGO that focuses on participation. I have a master’s degree in law from Charles University. During my study, I was active in Czech journalism as an editor in chief of a student media website (I was coordinating 15 student editors) and as an editor with a specialization in interviews (e15, Heroine).